About Cell and Gene Therapy APAC

Regenerative medicine is fast becoming a game changer in the treatment of diseases and has the attention of investors. The number of market approved cell and gene therapy treatments continues to grow, with a high number of trials, and other therapies seeking approval.

Within the region, the Singapore Government is pumping $80 million into programs for developing technologies to scale up production. Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have passed regulations to progress investment and development, and North Asia remains a magnet for new investment.

ASEAN’s pioneering forum on C&GT will bring in investors biotechs, big pharma, regulators, and technology leaders to canvass opportunities in this burgeoning sector.

2019 Key Discussions

  • Regulatory developments
  • ASEAN and North Asia Country update sessions
  • The status of clinical trials, market authorisation developments, and current pipelines
  • Investment outlook, BioTech and Investor updates on the money market
  • Understanding the longer term trend of therapies for diseases, and partnership opportunities
  • The CAR-T market in focus
  • Commissioning new facilities for C&GT clinical trials and manufacturing
  • Developments in international manufacturing standards
  • Overcoming bottlenecks in large scale manufacturing of C&GT
  • Market Access and Commercialisation strategies
  • Reimbursement approaches and payment models
  • New business models to support R&D in C&GT
  • Meeting the demands of the supply chain for C&GT products