About the Conference

About Bioprocess & Technology

As the biopharma industry continues to show expansion, the incremental effect on bioprocessing is apparent, and is ushering in new therapies, new technologies, and new process innovations. And this against the backdrop of a continued need for process efficiency improvement and lower costs. Further, Bioprocess 4.0 is rapidly evolving, and posing new opportunities.

The 5th Bioprocess & Technology will address regulatory, investment, process development and technical innovation to keep participants at the forefront of industry.

2019 Key Discussions

  • Bioprocessing for cell and gene therapy – trends and market needs
  • Responding to the next gen biotherapies growth market with technology and process innovation
  • Regulatory outlook for new therapies, new technology and process
  • BioProcessing 4.0 and the tends in automation, monitoring and process control
  • Bioprocess modeling with data mining, PAT and QbD
  • Outlook for mammalian-expressed relative to microbial products
  • Improving recovery and purification unit operations
  • Advancements in continuous bioprocessing and likely game changers
  • Improved productivity of fusion proteins and enzymes
  • High efficiency perfusion techniques and their applicability
  • Innovation trends in managing virus contamination
  • USP / DSP optimization and scalability
  • New technology innovation and implementation project updates
  • Specific issues in IND applications
  • Process development case studies from biopharma
  • Emerging biotech showcase on bioprocess innovation
  • Winning the war on manufacturing costs

About Cell & Gene Therapy

Regenerative medicine is fast becoming a game changer in the treatment of diseases and has the attention of investors. The number of market approved cell and gene therapy treatments continues to grow, with a high number of trials, and other therapies seeking approval.

ASEAN’s pioneering forum on C&GT will bring in investors biotechs, big pharma, regulators, and technology leaders to canvass opportunities in this burgeoning sector.

2019 Key Discussions

  • Regulatory developments
  • ASEAN and North Asia Country update sessions
  • The status of clinical trials, market authorisation developments, and current pipelines
  • Investment outlook, BioTech and Investor updates on the money market
  • Understanding the longer term trend of therapies for diseases, and partnership opportunities
  • The CAR-T market in focus
  • Commissioning new facilities for C&GT clinical trials and manufacturing
  • Developments in international manufacturing standards
  • Overcoming bottlenecks in large scale manufacturing of C&GT
  • Market Access and Commercialisation strategies
  • Reimbursement approaches and payment models
  • New business models to support R&D in C&GT
  • Meeting the demands of the supply chain for C&GT products